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Hi there! Welcome to kiffin, not really a restaurant, more of a supper club, if you will.




We're usually pretty humble, but people f*ckin' love us...

Bon et service très chaleureux! Merci :)
— Justine Tremblay
Amazing experience. Went to the weekend brunch event and it legitimately felt like a supper among friends, but with all of the people there. Food was very filling, a “modern” twist on classics. Drink were great. Staff was absolutely awesome, the greatest one I’ve encountered. Will definitely come back. Kudos to the owner for the concept.
— Dana R.
Thank you so much Natasha for your presence, your work, your generosity and your speech. All these compliments are also for the chef ;).
— Josée Lacombe, c2 International
Best brunch ever. Seriously. Natasha and her team provide an affordable, homey, healthy, elevated eating experience. If we lived closer we would be there every weekend! E-mail them for a reservation, bring your friends, support this business and enjoy the warmth and love they put into their food.
— Megan Burns
I have to say that I’m extremely satisfied with you and your team! I give you a 10 out of 10. The food was amazing, healthy, tasty... truly perfect! The staff too was so lovely, friendly, polite, clean and very professional.
Also, I couldn’t stop hearing people saying how much they loved the scones, so I tried one myself and I agree... sooo delicious!
Thank you for everything and congratulations to your talented team, beautiful work and delicious food!
— Daniele M.N., World Refugee Day, The United Nations