Chef's Challenge

To become the chef that Aaron is today, he has had to refine his pallet and be not only creative, but adventurous. In order to take a step closer to embracing your inner chef - take a look and be inspired by this month's Chef's Challenge. 

In Portland, I used to get a couple of cook-friends together and we’d do a kind of pub crawl but for pizzas or burgers. We’d go to the place where everyone thought had the best burger in town and we’d each have part of a burger in each place and break it up into pieces- unless it was too good to share. By the end of the night we’d have eaten and drank ourselves to a new level of happiness and knowledge about our city’s best whatever it was. We rarely agreed… but we ended up creating a nice categorizing system- burgers, for instance, can be high-brow (made with the best meat, most amazing cheese, optimum bun) or low brow (with a thin patty, American cheese, ketchup, iceberg lettuce). We challenge you to get a group of friends together and dedicating an evening to one food. If you think about it, it’s a service to society - you’re supporting Montréal’s hidden food gems. Let me know how it goes! -- Aaron


Anais Roger