Who is Chef Aaron Fetherston?

Chef Aaron was classically trained at Le Cordon Blue Portland - Western Culinary Insitute where he graduated with honours in 2005. Hailing from Portland, Oregon Fetherston has worked as Chef and General manager at top West Coast establishments, such as The Heathman in Portland, Sweet Woodruff and Square (of the Michelin earning Son’s and Daughters group) in San Francisco, and Hog’s Apothecary in Oakland  Aaron fell in love Kiffin founder and owner Natasha, and followed her to Montréal where they re-opened Kiffin as a dynamic team marrying culinary talent and a strong mission.Chef Aaron is a master at creatively working with simple
ingredients to draw out bold flavours, prompting new
experiences from well-known dishes.  
When the Chef is not in the kitchen he loves to teach, and build custom items for his home out of found objects.