Natasha Alani

Aaron Fetherston
Executive Chef

Sustainable Delightful egalitarian


Kiffin was started in 2013 in San Francisco in response to the rising cost of living as a result of the overnight millionaires tech boom. The hardest impacted were local citizens who were not engaged in the technology industry -- construction workers, chefs, nurses, teachers to name a few. The vision is and has always been to implement a version of the Tiffin System. 

The mission: to replace manufactured food with real food by utilizing technology, implementing supply chain excellence, and incorporating sustainable food practices. 

The company's founder moved to Montréal in 2015 to get a master's at McGill with a focus on scaling the business beyond her reach in San Francisco. With the support of her husband, her McGill Community, and leaders within the Montréal community Kiffin is on it's way.

Visit our flagship location to taste the food, learn about the business, and join the Kiffin Tiffin System. We prioritize flavor, accessibility,  and our relationships with people and the environment. Our space was designed and built out by our friends and loved ones. 

Kiffin is not another restaurant. We are company leading change in the food industry. Good food is a right! We do not accept that great customer service and healthy food are reserved for those who can afford it.