Millions of people around the world eat lunch at work this way, why don't you?



Better nutrition, environmentally responsible, and delicious.


As a Kiffin VIP you have access to our online ordering and nutrition platform, our rewards program, and zero waste lunch delivery system. The more you order, the cheaper your average meal. Meals are delivered to participating businesses on a daily basis. Not at the office? Stop by one of our locations to pick up. Visit our cafe website or Instagram to feast your eyes on our mouth watering and healthy options.

how it works...

  • To begin, contact us to get your office onto our platform

  • Download the app,create your profile, and list your eating restrictions

  • Order as you please -meals start at 15$ and get less expensive the more you pre-order (all the way down to 8$ a meal)

  • Not sure if you like the food? Visit our location in the Plateau, and try out the menu.

  • Utilize the app to provide feedback and offer menu suggestions, consider Kiffin your alternative to bringing a lunch from home!

  • Learn more about the origins of the system in India